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This year was completely unexpected.  We had over a 170 applicants to our Ambassador program and selected just a few over 30.  It's by far our biggest group of brand ambassadors since we started the program just 2 years ago.  We spent weeks going through applications in order to select individuals that understand who we are as a person, as a business, and understand their role in spreading the word to others in their community about what we can do for them.  In return, our brand ambassadors are able to schedule 100% free services throughout the year at their leisure to be used for further marketing, family sessions, or crazy fun photo sessions.  We've even started adding cool field trips to places throughout the Lehigh Valley and beyond for special occasions.

Services offered below are only available to Brand Ambassadors.  Are you interested in joining the team?  We only select new Ambassadors once a year in the February / March time frame, but you're always welcome to submit your application in the Ambassador Program area of our website.

Looking for more Brand Ambassador Apparel?

Yeah, we get it.  You all LOVE your brand ambassador apparel and we know you guys LIVE in those awesomely comfortable sweatshirts.  So, we're making it even easier to order new apparel in 1 of 2 ways.  Option 1, you can order directly from the manufacturer from the link below.  OR send us the form below, and once we have enough orders in the queue for a bulk order, we'll order everything at once.

Queensboro Shirt Company

Keep you're eye's open for some great discounts from Queensboro Shirt Company.  They often offer 30% off all the orders - although my direct pricing is better when I order in bulk so you may want to wait.  Take a look here.


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