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Hi, I'm Thomas Kay. 

I started out in in early 2000's as an IT Systems' Administrator and have stayed in the field ever since.  I knew my calling at a very young age as to what I wanted to do for my full time career.  But, as many people in the field have told me, doing the same thing every day, day after day, gets stale and you need some excitement in your life.  

When I met my now wife in 2007, I was introduced to the pre-professional dance world and fell in love with the movement, the energy, and the grace that these dancers had on stage.  Since about 2010, I've been photographing dance at my wife's studio and in 2018, turned my then hobby into what is now a large part of who I am now... a photographer.

I'm not, just a wedding photographer, just a portrait photographer, or even just a dance photographer.  I'm a love of all things, photographer -- with one goal: capture memories into lasting images for friends and families to see and admire and enjoy for years to come.​

One of the most common questions people tend to ask photographers is: "What do you shoot with?" I have to say, I fell into this conversation as well over the years.  Today, I can say, it doesn't matter if you're shooting with whether its a Nikon, a Sony, a Cannon, an Olympus, or even your phone.  What matters is the composition of the image, and if it captured the moment the way it was meant to be remembered.

That being said, here's my gear locker ;)

  • (2) Nikon D850
  • Nikon Z6
  • Nikkor: 85mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.4, 20mm f/1.8, 28-300mm F/3.5-5.6G ED VR
  • Tamron: 35mm f/1.8 G2, (2) 24-70mm f/2.8 G2, 70-200mm f/2.8 G2, 35-150mm f/2.8-4, 150-600mm f/5-6.3, 90mm f/2.8 macro
  • Sigma Art: 105mm f/1.4, 120-300mm f/2.8
  • Godox AD200
  • Promaster Unplugged 600w (2) and 400w (2) wireless studio strobes


Our ambassadors come from all over the Lehigh Valley and beyond to promote a name, a brand, and to ​be a part of a team that loves photography.  Each and every ambassador chosen for our program is special in every possible way.  They're out there letting people know about us, but they are more than simple sales people.  They allow us to refine our photography skills, experience new dynamics, and push our photography skills to new heights.  Members of our ambassador team are the very reason I continue to be a photographer: capture images for people that appreciate lasting memories - and we only hope to continue to grow the program and the outreach of our mission.



My name is Nyah. I am an 8th grade student at Northwestern Lehigh Middle School and on the principal's honor roll. I am in the graduate year of 2024. I have been dancing since I was 2 years old at Dance Fusion Performing Arts Studio. I enjoy many styles of dance including; tap, modern, jazz, ballet, contemporary and lyrical. I am also a member of the danceETHOS apprentice dance company since March of 2018. In my free time I like to hang out with my friends and family and play with my dogs.

Honorary Ambassadors

The ambassador program was designed for those individuals looking to experience photography as subjects, and even learn photography along the way during their Junior or Senior years. However, there always happen to be others that have been such a huge part of our mission after they graduate, that they are still passing along our name and therefore become honorary ambassadors.

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