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Fun-loving, sarcastic, and personable – “I love flashing people”

Hey there!

Thanks for taking a look at my site and a special thanks for spending the extra time trying to get to know me, your photographer. My name is Thomas Kay, the photographer, creative inspirer, overachiever, and dynamic learner of Thomas Kay Photography. If you’re looking for a photographer, any photographer, it’s incredibly important that you get to know a little about who you’ll be working with.

One of the most important things when selecting a photographer is to make sure you’re finding a person you can work with.Someone that you can laugh, joke, and be yourself with. I’ve owned and operated an IT consulting company from 2001 till about 2018 when I decided that it just wasn’t my passion anymore.During that time, I always operated the company in the most professional manner possible.Today, I find that my photography company takes a very different approach.I tend to wear t-shirts that mock the world of photography, like “Everyone’s a photographer until they switch to manual”, or my personal favorite “I like to flash to people”.I’m a father of two young daughters and as such, I’ve been given the most awesome Dad jokes and fantastic sense of humor (can’t you tell?).It’s important that you find a photographer that brings out the best of YOU.

I’ve been a lover of the arts for as long as I can remember, and was never one for sports.My coordination has always been lacking.I guess that’s one of the many reasons why I just love the field of dance so much.I love and am often times very jealous of their movement, their extensions, and the poise they show in all they do. I’ve been married to a dancer for the past 10 years, and fell in love with watching her on stage back 13 years ago… and still hasn’t stopped to this day. I love watching her perform and love watching her students perform her vision and choreography. Fortunately for me, I’ve been able to photograph dancers for over 10 years now and has been one of the many things I look forward to all the time.If you asked me what my favorite genre of music is, I’d have to say Irish Step (Yeah, really! … I LOVE Riverdance and Lord of the Dance).

As many people can vouch, I typically say that I’m incredibly introverted.I don’t normally do well in large crowds, but when it comes to photography, I just love seeing how people interact and try to bring out the very best in the group and capture them as they are. Many people would say that I’m high energy, free spirited, all fun and games and I would say that my favorite music genres help with that energy level. I absolutely love Trance, Electronica, Techno, EDM, Dance… you get the idea.It’s probably one of the most unknown genres for most people. I fell in love with the repetitive rhythms of the music back when I was a kid (probably around 7 or 8) and have continued to be an avid listener of the genre every single day. My favorite artists are probably BT, Gareth Emery, Armin Van Buuren, Ashley Wallbridge, Tiesto, Galantis, Avicci.

Oh, one last thing… my favorite beverage: southern style sweet tea. Did I mention I absolutely hate coffee?

It takes an army to keep organized between sessions.  With edits that pile up, social media outreach, and business continuity, I needed someone to be able to reach out to everyone and Alexis was the girl for the job.

Hi, I am Alexis Makenna. I am a collegiate ambassador for Thomas Kay Photography and now I get the privilege to be working with Tom as his social media rep, organizer and his assistant.

A little bit about me is that I have been dancing at Studio 5678 since I was about 3 years old and started on their competition team when I was 7 years old. I will be going to Northampton Community College this coming fall, where I will be majoring in Sports Medicine and minoring is photography. Now going into my first year of college and taking a photography class, Tom has been there to teach me over the past few months with the basics and to guide me through what it is like as a photographer

I started to work with Tom in May of 2019, which was not long ago. It all started with a flour shoot in his driveway. I was that shy girl that just was not sure what to do and would not talk to him. Working with Tom over the past year, has made me open up and be myself. Watching Thomas Kay Photography grow to what it is now, has been one amazing experience from it being small in his front yard to being able to do a flour shoot in a warehouse. With the growth of Thomas Kay Photography, I have made a bunch of new friends who are also ambassadors.

Facebook and Instagram are not always easy when it comes to a business page, so I will be stepping up to help grow his business. You can find me on Instagram @_alexis_makenna_ and on Facebook @Alexis Makenna. I will be here to help you and answer any questions to the best of my ability if Tom is not available.


“Social Coordinator, Organizer, and Assistant”


We can’t all be great at absolutely everything. Instead, we have to have room to grow, expand, and challenge ourselves to be better at something.  I have no problem identifying the areas that need improvement just like I have no problems identifying the areas that I love and appreciate.  Clients of all types should be well informed whom they’re working with and I’m not the type to hide behind the smoke and mirrors.

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Ability to Drink Coffee

Ability to Drink Tea


Let’s face it. Experience matters. Here’s just a few places I’ve shot for throughout the Lehigh Valley.