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Ambassador Program for 2024-2025


The Ambassador program is by far the most influential way to grow our brand, meet new talented seniors and juniors like yourself. It’s about growing a brand that carries on our beliefs as a brand. The Ambassador program was designed as a way to give back to a select few members of the Senior and Junior community with fun and creative photo sessions to wow your friends and get them thinking about their own sessions. The Ambassador program is designed to be about teamwork, creating a community of people that enjoy photography or enjoy having their pictures taken, and talking about their experience with others. We’ve had huge success with special events including a New York City trip complete with a Blue Man Group concert to cap off the evening, awesome Halloween special events, water and flour dance photography, and so much more.

If you’re up for the challenge, love having your picture taken, LOVE social media, and spreading the word about us, this just might be a huge opportunity.

We're back at it

The Ambassador program has been the backbone of our brand. It’s been the reason I started the business and the reason behind the success of the photography business year after year. Our ambassadors are the spokespersons for the organization and offer insight about their sessions to their friends and families allowing us to spread the name of our brand throughout the Lehigh Valley and beyond.

Every year during the holiday season, I try to re-evaluate the successes and failures of the program and how things can be changed to make it better and attract more individuals into the program at rates that make sense for the company as well as the parents and ambassadors. In 2019, the ambassador program started with just a handful of participants just to see if it made sense. After being a huge success, I expanded the program in 2020 to include a larger age group, a more dynamic group of kids that could expand and challenge my artistic abilities. But … lesson learned … it was harder to keep up with that much. harder to treat clients the way I wanted. During the pandemic, we dramatically cut back on the number of Ambassadors for the program and continued with that through 2022.

2023-2024 will change a few things to better allow for a more inclusive program to fit a larger audience. I’m now offering new options to make the Ambassador program more affordable. Just remember, it’s still an exclusive offer that I only offer to a select few. In 2022, I had over 60 applicants and only selected 23. In 2020, I had well over 90 applicants and took 30. This year should be about the same with 25-30 ambassadors.

We want to be available to you on your schedule as much as possible. We know how busy your schedules are, and as we get busier with more and more clients, we want to make sure we can make the time for you as much as possible. We want to help you through this crazy rollercoaster called life during these unprecedented times of COVID-19. We want to be there for your homecoming and prom pictures even if you don’t get a prom. We want to be there to celebrate your upcoming graduation with grad pictures that showcase your individual personalities. We want you to challenge ME with your visions of something out of this world. If you have this most awesome idea for senior pictures, we want to know about it and make it come true.

Ambassadors for Thomas Kay Photography are our main and exclusive spokesmodels (marketing reps). It starts with your fun and unique location that is tailored to your unique personality.We want you to feel appreciated, and get the most out of the partnership as possible. Most of all, we want you to keep coming back and invite others to work with us. We love our clients and we love sharing the experience of our photo sessions with them and the people they know.

Now is where you excel to help us, by telling all of your friends about how much fun and what your experience was like with us, Thomas Kay Photography. We want you to encourage them to choose Thomas Kay Photography for their Senior Portraits. BUT, our side of the deal isn’t over yet; as you refer your friends; they’ll let us know you referred them. Each referral earns you stuff too. See below for more details!

How are Ambassadors Chosen?

Senior Ambassadors are chosen based your application, preference is given to referrals from prior year Ambassadors. Have we mentioned the club is exclusive? You get to recommend and help choose next years Ambassadors! Part of being an exclusive Senior Ambassador also means you’re loyal to Thomas Kay Photography. We’re helping each other out! Once selected you’re required to agree not promote another studio or post images from another studio until after you graduate or without consent from Thomas Kay Photography.

How do I start?

Fill out our application to tell us more about you. We are looking for out going and active individuals, who aren’t shy and willing to brag about their session and our studio! In the application more expressive you are, the more we learn about you. Tell us WHY you want to be a Senior Ambassador. We don’t decide Ambassadors based on your activities or clubs, this isn’t a college entrance essay. We are just looking for someone outgoing and willing to work hard as our Senior Ambassador.

What's expected of you?

A maximum of 30 ambassadors will be chosen with priority given to Juniors and Seniors.

  • You must sign off on a Full Permissions Model Release for current and future use of your images in advertising and marketing for Thomas Kay Photography.
  • You must commit to working exclusively with Thomas Kay Photography from April of your acceptance year till the following July (post-graduation or completion of the school year).
  • May not promote another photographer, a family member’s, a friend’s, or your own portrait photography, even if the photos were taken for free. This includes sharing images taken by another photographer, yes this includes any family photography. We offer family photography sessions to our clients only and are happy to schedule a session for you and your family. (Yes! We even discount your family sessions!) The reason for this is it causes great confusion to your friends and family. They are not sure which photographer you are promoting to call for what services.
  • It is expected you will invite at least 50 of your Facebook friends to our photography page.
  • Must be willing and able to provide the studio with referrals. We can help with this! You don’t need to pressure your friends into anything, send us names on IG or Facebook and we’ll reach out for you.
  • Post your photos and tag Thomas Kay Photography on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Help us with your testimonial about your photo session! Let us know how we did!


Thomas Kay Photography is CONSTANTLY adapting and looking to experiment with new creative opportunities. Access to these creative sessions are ONLY available to brand Ambassadors — so you DON’T want to miss out!

How do I apply?

Fill out the application available here.