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We are the brand ambassadors

Members of our ambassador team are the very reason I continue to be a photographer: capture images for people that appreciate lasting memories – and we only hope to continue to grow the program and the outreach of our mission.

Our ambassadors come from all over the Lehigh Valley and beyond to promote a name, a brand, and to ​be a part of a team that loves photography. Each and every ambassador chosen for our program is special in every possible way. They’re out there letting people know about us, but they are more than simple sales people. They allow us to refine our photography skills, experience new dynamics, and push our photography skills to new heights.


A team of like-minded Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores to shape the focus of Thomas Kay Photography by showcasing their own individual styles on their own photo sessions and beyond.


Our Ambassador team is a TEAM. We support each other in our activities and our goals.


A team of students just like you. Our Ambassadors have the creative vision and eye that challenge Thomas Kay Photography into new areas. From glitter to water to flour and holi powder, to smoke, Thomas Kay Photography and its team of Ambassadors have fine-tuned creative shoots like no other photographer in the Lehigh Valley.